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 A neat pearl ex tip...

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A neat pearl ex tip... Empty
PostSubject: A neat pearl ex tip...   A neat pearl ex tip... EmptySat Sep 11, 2010 2:36 pm

I like to use pearl ex over pp a lot... I usually make a colour up ....
Eg Flamingo pink, macro pearl and gum arabic and mix with water, I then use a make up sponge (wedge shape) and soak up the mix and apply as a wash so the pp still shows through.
Instead of rinsing the sponge out right after I then take a small inexpensive watercolour book and swipe the sponge across the page.
I re-wet the sponge squeezing the colour and and soaking it back up again and swipe over my page until I am happy with the result or no usable colour is left in the sponge...

I then dry the watercolour page and can use it later... It's stored in my book and I have a shimmery piece of card that I can use as a mount, stamp on, die cut or anything else I can think of Very Happy

Another thing I have noticed when mixing pearl ex as a paint or a wash is that before you wet your mix try and make sure the Gum arabic and Pearl Ex are mixed very well first... You get far less lumps that way Very Happy

It also gives a cleaner less splotchy effect then a mist... Which is why I like it lol

Hope these hints are helpful...
happy Scrappin
Hugs Very Happy

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A neat pearl ex tip...
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